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    Freeze It Spray

    No Paraben * No Sodium Chloride * Ultra Hold * Humidity Resistant * Quick Dry

    iGroom’s ultimate hold hairspray is a high-performance aerosol hairspray for a strong and firm hold, and a modern, brushable finish. The updated nozzle allows for easy use and even application, dispensing a fine, even mist with a dry finish. Perfect for any type of hair or style that demands the ultimate stay-put hold that lasts, with no buildup or flakes left behind.

    10 oz

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  • Shape It Spray

    No Paraben * No Sodium Chloride * No Water * Fast-Drying * Flexible Hold * Combable * UV Protectant * Humidity Resistant

    Shape It Spray is iGroom’s waterless fast-drying hairspray. Perfect for a highly-flexible, yet fixative, hold with no sticky residue or build-up. Easy to brush through, even after re-spraying. Great for any types of dog hair that requires both hold and free movement.

    10 oz

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  • Boost It Texture Spray

    No Paraben * No Sodium Chloride * Adds Volume & Texture * UV Protectant

    iGroom’s transformational dry texture spray creates instant volume, shape, and texture. With Boost It Texture Spray, hair becomes thick and voluminous with natural movement and body. For the undone look that’s all the rage, Boost It creates dimension and separates strands that stand out.

    7 oz

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  • Gloss It Shine Spray

    No Paraben * No Sodium Chloride * No Water * Smoothes * Straightens * Shines * Antistatics * Thermal Protectant

    iGroom’s breakthrough in straightening! Gloss It Shine Spray is a fine mist that smoothes and straightens for a high gloss shine. Lightweight, non-greasy, and never feels heavy, for an effortless look. The scientifically-crafted formula inculdes Humectants to add moisture to hair and reduce frizz in high humidity. Great for all dog hair types.

    4 oz

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