Magic Mist Spray

* NO Sulfates * NO Parabens * NO Phthalates * NO Animal Ingredients * Naturally Inspired * Environmentally Sustainable

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  • Silicone Free 3-1 Conditioning/Detangling Spray

    8oz / 64oz / 1 gallon

    Hydrating + Detangling + Softening
    Silicone + Paraben + Phthalates Free

    One Spray does 3 jobs, Detangling – Conditioning – Softening!! It can be used as Finishing Spray, Detangling Spray, and Conditioning Maintenance Spray, Zero tacky Zero greasy and Silicone FREE!

    The light scent of Evergreen

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  • Magic Detangler Conditioning Spray

    With new scent and updated formulation, iGroom Magic Detangler Conditioning Spray is a leave-on protein sealer and treatment that represents a new breakthrough in conditioning, only from iGroom. The unique scientific formula balances your pet’s hair elasticity by providing essential nutrients, including hydrolyzed keratin & vegetable proteins to add excellent conditioning and moisture to the hair.

    • Eliminates tangles
    • Contains vitamins for body & thickness
    • Provides manageability
    • Adds body and moisture
    • Contains vegetable proteins
    • Contains keratin amino acids
    • Repairs damage
    • Equalizes porosity

    The light scent of Bliss

    8 oz / One Gallon

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  • Magic Boost Scissoring Spray

    Magic Boost Scissoring Spray is a feather-light styler formulated specifically for better control in both wet or dry styling. This micronized formula helps dry hair faster for either blow drying or air drying. Unlike other water-based gels, iGroom’s Boost Scissoring Spray technology leaves your pet’s hair full of body and luster without weighing it down.

    • Adds volume
    • Restores natural body
    • Humidity resistant
    • No build-up
    • Perfect for unruly hair
    • Provides essential oils for shine and moisture

    The light scent of Pleasia 2

    8oz / 32oz / 64oz

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