Magic Mist Spray

* NO Sulfates * NO Parabens * NO Phthalates * NO Animal Ingredients * Naturally Derived Ingredients * Environmentally Sustainable

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  • Wonder Spray

    8oz / 64oz

    iGroom Wonder Spray is a multifunctional spray that is specifically formulated to reduces blow-drying time with the additional benefits of thermal protection and humidity resistance.

    Reduces Drying Time
    Provides Thermal Protection
    Softens & Smooths the Coat
    Helps Detangling & Straightening the Coat
    Provides Humidity Resistance

    No Paraben
    No Alcohol
    No Phthalates

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  • Squalane Care Anti-Frizz Conditioning Spray

    6oz / 64oz

    • Reduces frizz and keeps hair  frizz free
    • Protects hair from color degradation
    • Promoting long-lasting color
    • Helps seal down cuticles and
    • Restores a more natural structure of the hair
    • Provides heat protection
    • prevents damage from heat styling products
    • Provides lubricity on the hair allowing easier combing
    • Improves elasticity
    • Strengthens the hair and prevents breakage
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  • Magic Mist Spray

    8oz / 64oz

    Light Conditioning + Hydrating + Soothing + Finishing Spray

    iGroom Magic Mist gives texture, boost, shine, and manipulation to the coat gently. It gives light conditioning and smoothes the coat as it instantly hydrates and rejuvenates all hair types. It’s an all in ONE magical finishing spray!

    New Scent

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  • Texturizing Spray

    8oz / 32oz

    Texturizing + Volumizing

    iGroom Texturizing Spray is A uniquely formulated sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free spray that is designed for the rough coat, thin coat or any breeds that need to bring the natural texture to be alive again. iGroom Texturizing Leave on spray instantly gives texture and volume by lifting the roots, adding texture one strand at a time, and giving coat body without weighing down.

    The light scent of Pleasia 2, the same scent of Magic Boost Spray

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  • Silicone Free 3-1 Conditioning/Detangling Spray

    8oz / 64oz / 1 gallon

    Hydrating + Detangling + Softening
    Silicone + Paraben + Phthalates Free

    One Spray does 3 jobs, Detangling – Conditioning – Softening!! It can be used as Finishing Spray, Detangling Spray, and Conditioning Maintenance Spray, Zero tacky Zero greasy and Silicone FREE!

    The light scent of Evergreen

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  • Magic Detangler Conditioning Spray

    With new scent and updated formulation, iGroom Magic Detangler Conditioning Spray is a leave-on protein sealer and treatment that represents a new breakthrough in conditioning, only from iGroom. The unique scientific formula balances your pet’s hair elasticity by providing essential nutrients, including hydrolyzed keratin & vegetable proteins to add excellent conditioning and moisture to the hair.

    • Eliminates tangles
    • Contains vitamins for body & thickness
    • Provides manageability
    • Adds body and moisture
    • Contains vegetable proteins
    • Contains keratin amino acids
    • Repairs damage
    • Equalizes porosity

    The light scent of Bliss

    8 oz / One Gallon

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  • Magic Boost Scissoring Spray

    Magic Boost Scissoring Spray is a feather-light styler formulated specifically for better control in both wet or dry styling. This micronized formula helps dry hair faster for either blow drying or air drying. Unlike other water-based gels, iGroom’s Boost Scissoring Spray technology leaves your pet’s hair full of body and luster without weighing it down.

    • Adds volume
    • Restores natural body
    • Humidity resistant
    • No build-up
    • Perfect for unruly hair
    • Provides essential oils for shine and moisture

    The light scent of Pleasia 2

    8oz / 32oz / 64oz

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