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  • Silicone Free 3-1 Conditioning/Detangling Spray

    8oz / 64oz / 1 gallon

    Hydrating + Detangling + Softening
    Silicone + Paraben + Phthalates Free

    One Spray does 3 jobs, Detangling – Conditioning – Softening!! It can be used as Finishing Spray, Detangling Spray, and Conditioning Maintenance Spray, Zero tacky Zero greasy and Silicone FREE!

    The light scent of Evergreen

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  • Tearless Facial Shampoo

    16oz / 1 gallon

    Extra mild + Conditioning + Puppy Safe
    Sulfate Free + Paraben Free + Phthalates Free

    iGroom’s Tearless Facial Shampoo is ultra-mild to eyes and skin with sulfate-free and Paraben-free. With extremely mild surfactant, it prevents dryness and irritation by restoring the skin’s natural moisture while providing a deep cleansing bath. It leaves a light and clean fragrance and is gentle enough for frequent use. It is also hypoallergenic which is great for pets with sensitive skin.
    The light scent of Bliss

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  • Pro-Keratin Leave-in Conditioner

    8oz / 16oz / 64oz

    Keratin Treatment + Nourishing
    Detangling + Volumizing +  DeShedding + Shine

    This incredible Pro-Keratin Leave-In Conditioner hydrates strengthens, detangles, and nourishes the coats. Pro-Keratin Leave-In Conditioner reduces flyaways and enhances the manageability. Fortified with the unique blend of sunflower oil, Argan, and Aloe Vera effectively restores moisture levels and softness. Perfect for wet or dry hair, its non-greasy and non-tacky formula works with all hair types to bring out natural luster and manageability while also making hair stronger and healthier. iGroom Pro-Keratin Leave-In Conditioner helps de-shedding, applying the Leave-In conditioner on the shedding areas before blow-drying, or applying it after completed dry.

    • Excellent detangling
    • Keratin treatment
    • Adds shine
    • Intense conditioning
    • Repairs damage
    • Adds volume
    • Helps DeShedding
    • Recommended pH balance for pets

    The light scent of Bliss

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  • Squeaky Clean Shampoo

    Won New Product of The Year 2019

    16oz / 1 Gallon


    A heavy duty Squeaky Clean shampoo will gently break up the heaviest greasy build-ups. Chamomile extract helps to soothe skin and promote healthy hair. Rosemary extract stimulates healthy hair growth, while chia adds moisture and nourish hair. Squeaky Clean shampoo can be diluted up to 16:1 for a very economical everyday shampoo. Squeaky Clean shampoo is SLS and Paraben-free making it great for all hair types and sensitive skin.

    • NO SLS
    • NO Parabens
    • NO Phthalates
    • Naturally Inspired
    • Environmentally Sustainable
    • Recommended Dilution 16:1


    • Intense cleaning power
    • Adds moisture
    • Soothes and helps to promote healthy hair
    • Recommended pH balance for pets
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